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austin carlile is genuinely the sweetest person i’ve ever met.

i’m not even going to use a “read more.” everyone needs to read this. austin is so fucking sweet to his fans.
today at warped tour, i didn’t get there early enough to get a wristband for the signing, sadly. so i stood on the sidelines to say hi and give everyone my stuff afterwards. the guards were rushing them out.. but i wouldn’t have that. nope. i ran after them. i started poking alan with my folder of artwork and said “look! i drew you!” and he said “wow, really? that’s so cool!” & then i got austin’s attention. thank god there was a train blocking them from passing.. i wouldn’t have been able to give them the stuff. i unfolded one of the tshirts i designed, held it up and said “austin! i made one for everyone in the band!” his face was so priceless. you can really tell he appreciates every gift his fans give him. i took all of the shirts out from the bag. i gave him that along with my art folder with two pictures of him, one of alan, and my letter to austin in it. he said thank you and hugged me. and he also said “find me before my set!” i couldn’t stop crying. i had just met my idol. i was in shock for so long. until i reached into the bag that had the shirts in them and realized i had forgotten to hand phil’s shirt to austin in the bundle of stuff. so later that day i went to the OM&M merch tent. earlier i had explained and showed him the shirts i was giving them. so i explained that i had given austin all of the shirts but one. he told me he would give phil the shirt for me. i also asked him what austin could have meant by “find me before my set!” he told me to either wait by the stage, or wait by the buses. i waited by the buses for over an hour in the wind and cold. i saw phil walking around so i called him over and talked to him about how i gave his squidgy shirt to the OM&M merch guy and stuff. my hand was awkwardly on the fence so he awkwardly high fived me through the fence because he thought that was what i was doing, i saw tino too and he came up to the fence and took pictures with people next to us. i also asked him where austin was. about 20 minutes after that, alan, austin, and a few other people i didn’t recognize came outside to walk to the set. i called his name frantically and he looked up, smiled, waved, and said “come see the set!” i just kept saying “you told me to meet you before the set!” i said that about twice before it clicked and he said “OHHH right! run along the fence with us. hurry up!” we got to a point where he said “if you want to you can jump the fence.. or.. hurry up and run around the fence and meet us!” one of my friends tried climbing it but gave up. i threw my bag over and i was about to put my foot on the metal bar until alan yelled “guys come here through the fence!” we just kept walking with them… i didn’t know where we were going. i didn’t ask. i didn’t care. i was walking with my hero. he kept telling me how much he loves the shirt i gave him. we walked by these guards and they kind of questioned whether we were following him or with him or i don’t know.. i wasn’t paying attention to them much. austin said “its okay, they’re with me.” he was taking us backstage of the OM&M set. i was freaking the fuck out. i couldn’t believe it was actually happening. when we got there austin got a bowl of watermelon and some type of drink. i asked for a picture with him. it turned out really blurry :/. i didn’t realize it until he walked away. i also noticed alan walking by. i asked for a picture with him. aren’t we cute? we have the same hair color, nbd, so after alan walked away, phil and tino were walking behind us. i got a picture with both of them in it. i saw austin walk by again and i got his attention. he made this cute funny face at me. i asked “can we retake the picture? it came out blurry.” i did a front facing camera picture.. he took the phone from my hands and said “i wanna take it!” so we took these two. i can’t look at these without crying. he’s so nice to his fans. i was behind tino by about 15 feet for the whole set. when the set was done, he ran by my friends and i making this half smile, half tongue out face. i really wanted to thank him for inviting me back stage.. i was told shortly after, during PTV’s set, that i needed to leave. i wandered around outside trying to find the exit.. i saw austin taking pictures with these girls. i started walking up to him and said “i’d like to thank you personally for—” “walk with me, i’m in a hurry. now what was that?” i said again “i’d like to thank you personally for inviting me backstage with you. just thank you so much” while we were walking i tried to say something else but all i could end up choking out was “i’m crying.. i’m sorry.” and then we stopped by the gates. he asked me “did you and your friends have fun?” i just nodded and said “thank you” because i couldn’t really speak through the tears. he said “i really liked the shirts and artwork, thank you so much for them!” i just said “thank you” again because i couldn’t say anything else. he said “i hope you had a great time tonight!” and hugged me. when he pulled away i choked out “austin, you’re one of the only reasons i still want to live” and hugged him again and burst into tears on his chest. he hugged me for a really long time. probably 10 seconds. he said “aww, thank you so much. it means a lot to me.” i just kept saying thank you. i said goodbye, and walked away. tonight meant everything to me. i met my hero. he is the greatest person i know. i wouldn’t be alive without him in my life. i just love him so much. he means everything to me. later, when i got home, i saw that he tweeted this picture with the caption “Camden thank you for all the amazing gifts at today’s signing here at @VansWarpedTour ! I love yall! See you at 7:30!” my artwork is right there. in the orange folder. and the OM&M squidgy shirt. i couldn’t be any happier that he loves the things i gave him. i’ve been crying this whole time while writing this. i am in so much shock of what happened tonight. i could not be any happier. i love you austin carlile. thank you for being my inspiration every day to stay alive. just thank you.

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    Wow, I actually started crying while I was reading this.
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    that was fucking adorable, he’s my hero aswell. you’re so lucky you got to meet him c:
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